Suhoy Sundarban honey Benefits

Suhoy Sundarban raw forest honey is one of nature's great treasures. Containing small amounts of natural bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and beeswax, the benefits are plentiful.

• Suhoy is a rich Source of antioxidants.
• Suhoy consumption in right proportion can stimulate the fat burning
• Suhoy has Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal property.
• Suhoy is a source of flavonoids which reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma.
• Suhoy heals sore throat, common cough & common cold.
• Suhoy Honey is BEST when it is RAW.
• Suhoy is unfiltered, unprocessed, unheated single source honey straight from beehives. It builds immunity, increases Metabolism and improves Digestion process.
• Suhoy The moisture level is high with running consistency like water. caramelized brown in colour and has woody taste due to dominating mangrove flavor. It has small pollen and wax particles in it as it is not filtered or passed through mechanized process.  

Why Suhoy is Different from others ?

Raw Honey Vs Processed Liquid Honey:
So what exactly is the difference between Suhoy Sunderbans raw honey and the perfectly golden, clear liquid honey that you see often bottled at your local grocery store?

• Suhoy Sunderbans raw honey is filtered, but very minimally and in a manner not to destroy the health promoting enzymes and other nutrients. The reason it is filtered is to remove any hive debris and other foreign matter from the honey collection.
• Suhoy Sunderbans raw honey is 'alive' with probiotic bacteria and natural enzymes which makes it so digestible to humans.
• Suhoy Sunderbans raw honey has not been heated excessively through pasteurization. The only way to get that perfectly clear look of most commercial honeys is to heat it and then filter it excessively. The problem with heat is that many nutrients are very sensitive to it and die.
• Suhoy Sunderbans raw honey is liquid when bottled. Within weeks, it will become solid at room temperature and it often looks mirky or milky. It is not a golden and perfectly clear liquid once it has solidified, like the majority of honey products you'll see on the grocery store shelf.
Suhoy Sunderbans raw honey - the mirky look to your honey is assurance that it still contains bee pollen granules, bee propolis, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and whatever else raw honey contains that we haven't figured out yet! 


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